5 Best Stock Applications for Beginner Investors


The growth of technology has made it easier for investors to carry out various stock transactions on the capital market. For investors who have just been in the Indonesian stock market,the best penny stock app is very meaningful for download on gadgets because it has a variety of benefits.

Among others, to help you master the method of reading stock movements further, pursue the determinants of the level of confidence in the broker industry that sells its shares, and the method of selling or buying shares.

Stock Application Type

Before downloading the stock application, please follow the following types of stock applications. Need to be known, the application that allows you to trade, buy and sell shares is the application that is connected to the stock account that you have.

  1. Stock and Simulation Applications

This is a stock application that must be owned by those of you who are just interested in entering the capital market like investors. Newcomer investors certainly need guidance on the methods of buying and selling stocks and analyzing industry fundamentals. For that, stock applications that are equipped with transaction simulations can help you.

This application is usually equipped with transaction stages and explanations. Also, there are data overwriting the movement of shares in or outside the country for monitoring in real time. One type of stock application that is widely downloaded is the Stock Market Simulator in the App Store.

  1. Application of Securities Industry Shares

For those of you who want to invest in stocks, you must open a stock account first in the securities industry. Now, most securities industries have stock applications that investors can use to buy and sell shares.

So that the transaction does not need to go through a broker like representatives of the securities industry. You can also transact anywhere, and the power of transactions is in the palm of your hand.

Some stock applications from the securities industry in Indonesia include: Simas Equity Mobile from PT Sinarmas Sekuritas, POEMS ID from PT Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia, MOST Mobile Mandiri from Mandiri Sekuritas, BIONS Mobile from BNI Sekuritas, and many others.

  1. Stock Application and Market News

Not only monitoring stock movements every day, investors also need to analyze the fundamental conditions of the industry in which they want to invest in shares, or analyze the latest capital market atmosphere. One thing that can be tried well is by regularly reading data and stock market news.

Stock applications and market news make it easier for investors to get that data every day. The application of the stock market news portal that exists is, among others, Business. com, Bloomberg, Cash, and others.

4. Online Community Stock Application

When you become a newcomer investor, you may want to face a little trouble to control the strategy so that stock investment is free from losses. Sharing stories or short dialogues with fellow investors can help you. Immediately, download an online community stock application such as Stockbit in the App Store or Play Store. In this type of application, there are thousands of other users who are also like investors that you can invite interaction together. For example, asking about the atmosphere of the stock market at this time, one at a time informing the increase or depreciation of shares in one industry, as well as others.

5.Mobile Banking Stock Application The mobile banking

service at the bank where you save cash in the form of a fund account (RDN) can also be used to pay stock purchase transaction bills. Even so, the mobile banking stock application is only limited to that, not to check the value of shares or other matters that are linked to the capital market industry.

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